Andreia Montenegro

S. Martinho do Porto, Portugal

With thirteen years of experience working alongside several international Professional Conference Organizers all over the world in the quality of Onsite Manager / Chief Hostess, I believe I can help your company run a smooth and successful event.

I’m also able to provide a team of female and male hostesses used to working in several areas of the event organization, such as set up / dismantling, registration, scientific sessions, posters, social events and transportation coordination.

I’m used to events that range from small amount of participants up to 12.000 participants and to be working in strong connection with the various departments involved to make sure all goes according to planning. My experience and knowledge can release the onsite team from worrying with small details to concentrate on the big picture.

In a market such as this, the rates for my services are very competitive. 

Serviços de Andreia Montenegro

  • Recepcionistas Congressos
  • Hostess Eventos
  • Hostess de Protocolo

Países onde Andreia Montenegro trabalha

  • Portugal

Andreia Montenegro

Rua Combatentes do Ultramar Lote 1 Bloco 1 R/C A, 2460-873 S. Martinho do Porto
S. Martinho do Porto, Portugal